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How do I Find my STEAM ID?
1. Join a game. 2. In the console, type 'status' 3. Make a note of the STEAM ID - it should look like this STEAM_0:1:2131415
What are TheVille's rules?
Nine Simple Rules for a happier gaming experience! Not adhering to the rules described below, because you do not agree with them, is not an excuse! As we live in a free society, we have the right t...
Why was I banned?
The admins at TheVille.Org are always reluctant to ban and like to give players the benefit of the doubt. Warnings of improper conduct will usually be issued; perhaps you may have been kicked as an a...
I would like to submit a name for banning
We will need the following information: - the player's STEAM ID. You can this from either the stats ( or from in-game by typing status. - if you can provide a demo,...
The Ville Guilds explained
So you are interested in TheVille guilds? We hope the following will answer any initial questions you may have. How do I join a Ville guild? * All of TheVille guilds are invite only * V...
TheVille's Competition Rules
INTRODUCTION TheVille has had a long tradition of no competing on the public servers. It is one of the main reasons we have been around for so long. Competition brings out the worst in people. I...

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