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ARK: Survival Evolved

TheVille.org I - ARK PvE - West US - (v321.1)

TheIsland 3 / 30
  • dtillmanster
  • james.zandona
  • )[sI]( KAMIKAZE ...
Team Fortress 2

TheVille.org II - Team Fortress 2 - Central US

koth_sawmill 0 / 24

TheVille.org V - Minecraft

recoveryville 4 / 20
  • Middea
  • FlZlX
  • Xzeryn
  • keyestvb

TheVille.org IX - Left4DoD Zombies - Central US

dod_tiger_z 0 (16) / 32
TeamSpeak 3

TheVille.org - Teamspeak

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January Donation Goal



Team Fortress 2 - Fun Night at The Ville! Sat Jan 16 7pm Central

Posted by Boss Llama Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:25 am

What's that you say? Team Fortress 2 here at The Ville? That's right!

It's been a long while since we had a night with one of the classic shooters that were our bread and butter for so long, and it's time to end the drought! This coming Saturday January 16th, at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific), we'll be having an evening of Team Fortress 2 to come hang out with your old buddies! Stevo has set up TV2 (tv2.theville.org) with the game, and that's where we'll be! Polish your Rocket Jumpers and grab your Axtinguishers, because it's time to knock the rust off and just enjoy a bit of relaxation playing some casual rounds with friends. We hope to see you there!

2020 Awards

Posted by Flash Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:27 pm

It has been years since we have handed out awards. As such we have a lot of catching up to do!

While the admin team did our best, it is highly likely that we have left people off this list. Please know it was not intentional and that we want to add any missing names as soon as they are brought to our attention.
Image 15 Year Award Image
Awarded for 15 years of service and friendship.

BETTEH :ville: bigcaulk :ville: Blown65 :ville: Cadman :ville: cobra :ville: Cpt._Keyes :ville: DukeNukem :ville: FragFailure :ville: Gizanked :ville: Greebo :ville: Hamese :ville: JacktheHomeless :ville: John Doe :ville: Kahlan Amnell :ville: KAMIKAZE MadMax :ville: KRG :ville: l3eeron :ville: Last of The Finest :ville: Mad-Hammer :ville: MasterChef :ville: NoPeace4u-DBD :ville: Paddyjack :ville: Powdermilkman :ville: Robert E. Lee :ville: sgt stutter :ville: ShenTraX :ville: SilverOne :ville: Stevo :ville: three_gunn :ville: v.o.c :ville: vTEC :ville: Verman :ville: xXBatmanXx
Image 10 Year Award Image
Awarded for a decade of service and friendship.

abiscuit :ville: Archon :ville: arfy4 :ville: axa :ville: black_and_blue :ville: BlackHawk :ville: Boss Llama :ville: Buzzy Beetle :ville: Canadian_Rifle :ville: Captain Nick :ville: Caveman :ville: chaffe[seagreens] :ville: Chaka of the Pakuni :ville: Chan :ville: Checkm8 :ville: Cpt. Winky :ville: Daisy :ville: dammets89 :ville: dredfox :ville: E.T. EddieTorrez :ville: Flash :ville: Fox_Blaze :ville: frostdillicus :ville: gator :ville: Guardian :ville: Hot Tamale :ville: Inner :ville: Jesus_Faction :ville: jim beam :ville: kallous :ville: LadeeeDuke :ville: lancemantis :ville: LJ :ville: Lt.Tango :ville: M's :ville: machinegunkelly :ville: Masakari :ville: MrBlah :ville: MunkeyEye :ville: Nuckin :ville: Pine :ville: Plas :ville: Plinko :ville: Preacherman :ville: Rebel_Rouser :ville: Rohan :ville: Secret Agent Man :ville: Simple :ville: So Uncivilized :ville: spm97 :ville: The Domer :ville: TheCarpe :ville: The Tiju :ville: Thorn :ville: Tickles :ville: Torven :ville: tsmitho :ville: TTHREAZ :ville: Willie Busserhimen :ville: wintrysmerf :ville: Zman :ville: Zork Nemesis
Image 5 Year Award Image
Awarded for five years of service and friendship.

belak :ville: Berfquack :ville: BlackHawk_989 :ville: Calculon000 :ville: CoyoteCreed :ville: Daryldime :ville: Elanor The Fair :ville: Emily Brontësaurus :ville: eumoria :ville: Flyte :ville: Hobbes :ville: KajiVena :ville: Larry :ville: lyn :ville: Maple Man :ville: Marf :ville: MateoTheBold! :ville: moog :ville: Moonray :ville: mr_s :ville: pravda :ville: Quandary :ville: Ricen :ville: Roneus :ville: Siegfried :ville: Tilgasse :ville: Welinestus :ville: Will T. :ville: YoullNeverWalkAlone :ville: zookie
:clap: Congratulations and thank you to everyone honored! :clap:

Minecraft Server Reset - December 1st.

Posted by John Doe Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:28 pm

TV5 the Villes Minecraft server will be reset on Tuesday December 1st. Come join us on a fresh map and have a blast with your fellow Villuns.

The Server address is : tv5.theville.org

I hope to see you all there.


The Minecraft server has a new world and a new home

Posted by Stevo Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:47 pm

Hello all you crafters and miners! The Minecraft server has been reset with a new world for the new Nether update.

The server was unable to keep up with the demands of the game, so we have moved it to some more suitable hardware. The game is running much smoother now. Thanks to all you Ville Supporters and donors for your continued support that made this upgrade possible!

The address is still tv5.theville.org.

ARK: Survival Evolved Server

Posted by Stevo Mon Apr 06, 2020 1:39 pm

Do you enjoy being stranded on an island populated by dinosaurs? I have news for you! We have set up a new ARK: Survival Evolved server for all your survival needs. The server is set up as a public PvE server with a standard configuration.

Join TheVille.org I by clicking the link on the front page of our site or by adding tv1.theville.org:27074 to your favorite servers.

Don't have the game? Good news! It's currently on sale for $10 until April 23 on the Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/3461 ... l_Evolved/