New Feed The Beast server up!

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New Feed The Beast server up!

Post by Boss Llama » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:17 pm

Ahoy, gang!

For those who are a fan of modded Minecraft, thought it might be fun to let y'all know that we've got a new Feed The Beast server up and running!

The server is running FTB Revelation and run on the newest version of MC any FTB pack can - 1.12 (just before the aquatic update), so it has most of the mechanics you're familiar with!

The server IP is

If you've been away from modded Minecraft for a while, you may need a walk through on installing it. This runs separately from your normal Minecraft experience, so will not interfere with your ability to play on our every day Vanilla server. It also shares a whitelist with that server, so you can expect a griefer-free experience. Here's the installation tutorial:

Minecraft mods these days are all handled through the Twitch app, so...

1) If you don't have it, download The Twitch App

2) Launch the Twitch app, and selected the Mods tab at the top:

3) Select Minecraft, and go to Browse Modpacks. Find FTB Revelation and click Install:

4) Once it's installed, go to the My Modpacks tab and click Play!:

That's it - you're ready to play!

If you have trouble, it may be worth increasing the amount of RAM allocated to the mod - some systems may default it to a number far too low for modded gaming. In order to adjust the allocation, first click on the mod in your "My Modpacks" tab, then on the small gear in the upper right of the window. Select "profile options," and then un-check "Use System Memory Settings." You will then be able to manually set the RAM allocation. 4GB should be fine, though I use 8GB personally - it's kind of hard to have too much, when it comes to Feed The Beast.

Hope to see ya'll in mod-land! If you have any questions, or any trouble connecting to the server, don't hesitate to let me know.
-Boss Llama

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