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TF2 Saturday! April 24th, 7pm Central

Posted by Boss Llama Sun Apr 18, 2021 7:49 pm

Come join us this Saturday, April 24th at 7pm Central, for another fun night of TF2 with the Ville!

Note the new URL! We've got operations transferred over to the events server now, so we can welcome more players at once, for more Villetastic times together!

2021 First Quarter Awards

Posted by Flash Sun Apr 04, 2021 10:03 am

Image The Purple Heart Image
The Purple Heart - for being the heart and soul of TheVille - the ultimate Ville award


Stevo was awarded his Purple Heart many years ago, but we felt it appropriate to recognize him again this quarter.
Image Citizen Award Image
For helping other Villuns in times of trouble or just making TheVille a happier place

Since I have been playing Ark, Verman has been extremely helpful, and helped bail me out more than a few times when I died in getting my stuff back, as well as giving me stuff to get started and helping me out in general.
Verman is always helping out new players on TV1 Ark. He shows a great Villun attitude and is welcoming to all players.

While the admin team did our best, it is highly likely that we have left people off this list. Please know it was not intentional and that we want to add any missing names as soon as they are brought to our attention.
Image 20 Year Award Image
Awarded for 20 years of friendship and gaming.


Image 15 Year Award Image
Awarded for 15 years of friendship and gaming.

Dog :ville: FUSE :ville: Lt.Tango :ville: Preacherman
Image 10 Year Award Image
Awarded for a decade of friendship and gaming.

!B a T m A n! :ville: ADevilishPotato :ville: bz :ville: Calculon000 :ville: crimsonshootingstar :ville: Daryldime :ville: DrunkenTrom :ville: eumoria :ville: Gearloose :ville: Kilgore Trout :ville: Marf :ville: metacide :ville: Mortis462 :ville: One_Medic_Army :ville: Private Belgarion :ville: PvtPancake :ville: Sargee :ville: shimmybot :ville: Soltan :ville: Soup Nazi :ville: Spectral Fire :ville: Supreveio :ville: Will T.
Image 5 Year Award Image
Awarded for five years of friendship and gaming.

BishopAgain :ville: c4ridw3n :ville: DarkDrifter :ville: F13ND :ville: FlamingBadfinger :ville: Hucares808 :ville: Kerrigan :ville: kkpyro :ville: Perfect Villain :ville: ShadyJane :ville: StephUhhKnee23 :ville: Uber!
:clap: Congratulations and thank you to everyone honored! :clap: