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Thank you for your interest in supporting TheVille Community!
Your donations and support keep this community going!

We have multiple game servers and a website, free for you and all members of our community. So to help keep our clean servers up and running and the site going strong, we would like to ask you to please pitch in and help invest in this great gaming community we call TheVille, our gaming home away from home.

Ville Supporters receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the members only forum
  • Use of the V$ (Ville Supporter) tag in game
  • Reserved slot kick immunity (DoD:S)
  • Permanent award icon on the forums
  • Gold name and special rank on the forums
  • Special role on the Discord server
  • Reserved slots on public servers
  • Reduced advertisements in game
  • Vote access on the servers (DoD:S, 7DtD)

Donate to TheVille.org

If you don't need server commands, reserved slots and other perks, and you just want to contribute to the community that is TheVille, then this is for you!