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Server Rules

Nine Simple Rules for a happier gaming experience!

Not adhering to the rules described below, because you do not agree with them, is not an excuse! As we live in a free society, we have the right to make the rules, and you have the right to play somewhere else.

  1. Respect your fellow players
    Do not complain about other people's playing abilities. Remember that you were a beginner once. If you have issues with particular players, contact the admins or go to the Helpdesk.
  2. Spawn camping is not allowed
    While it may be fun for you to sit outside enemy spawn and shoot/nade in, it isn't fun for the other players trying to get out of spawn. If you find yourself around enemy spawn, either capture the target or move on.
  3. Foul language will not be tolerated
    This is a public server so people from all ages could be playing. First offense is a warning, the second offense is a ban.
  4. Keep the teams even
    Clan stacking is more than three players of the same clan on the same team. Remember we can put you on any team we like. This is a public server and we try to create a fair playing experience for everyone. Stacking includes one team having more skilled players than the other.
  5. Do not recruit on TheVille
    There are no clans at TheVille. eVa, TVR, TVB and USV are guilds and do not play in competitions. If you wish to build up your own clan, then find your own server.
  6. Anyone found trying to "cheat the stats" will be banned
    The stats are a fun guide for people to look at how they are doing. Please respect them.
  7. Please respect this server and the admins that run it
    We use a very large portion of our free time to bring you this free service. In turn we will respect your wish to have a fun gaming experience, and will do everything we can to ensure that. We don't like restrictions and rules any more than you do, but until the lamers of the world realize that being a punk is not funny, we must ask you to follow these rules.
  8. Anyone found cheating, hacking or exploiting, will be banned
    Many of the maps have well known exploits. If you are unsure, please ask before getting caught and banned. Hacking and cheating is prohibited. Just play the game the way it's supposed to be played.
  9. Always remember that this is a Public Server
    Keep your language under control. No racist comments are allowed. Porn sprays are prohibited. If you feel the need to express yourself in this manner, please go elsewhere.