4/29 Patch, CU1.5

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4/29 Patch, CU1.5

Post by Zork Nemesis » Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:16 pm

Rather sizable update hit tonight, plenty of bug fixes and some balance changes. Tweaks to punching to make their swings more on par with other weapons (in which they are now easier to properly duck and sidestep), not to mention the ability to punch people's heads into paste, literally!

Full changelog:

-After being deflected from hitting walls/ground/environment, you're now unable to parry until you return to idle. An exception is made for destructible objects, such as the cage locks on Citadel or walls protecting the royal family on Darkforest.
-You can no longer follow up with a combo if you're struck while in release.
-Fists and Piercing/Blunt weapons now explode heads properly.
-Fists now use normal weapon tracers and deal appropriate hitbox damage, making them more precise to hit with and less forgiving - you can now duck and sidestep punches properly. Let the tavern brawls truly begin!
-Further improvements to block detection, eliminating some more edge cases of attacks going through parry boxes when a player's block was properly aimed.
-Blocked the use of certain mildly exploitable UE3 console commands.
-Shield toggle is now consistent between all weapons - either pressing 3 or the number of the weapon (I.E. 1 for primaries 2 for secondaries) will toggle the shield, where previously the behavior varied with some weapons.
-Mute commands now mute text as well as voice.
-Perspective lock and free camera now only apply to living and dead players respectively, not spectators.


-Fixed flinch sometimes causing "ghost" attack animations to play rather than the flinch animation.
-Fixed a bug/exploit causing players without stamina to be able to daze others who weren't out of stamina.
-Fixed server browser issues introduced in Patch 1.
-Fixed flinch not applying to dazed players.
-Fixed an issue causing siege weapons to appear to fly into the air when a player enters one and jumps.
-Fixed a bug causing catapults to fire point blank when double clicking.
-Fixed players who join spectator still being displayed as being on the team they were previously on.
-Fixed blood particles from dismembered limbs spawning incorrectly.
-Fixed an issue causing players to spawn with the wrong loadout when switching from a team, to spectator, and then to the opposing team.
-Fixed being able to sprint with a bow or crossbow ready to fire.
-Fixed being unable to sprint with throwing weapons and the sling ready to fire.
-Fixed the missing return button from weapon select.
-Fixed both arrow types being displayed as bodkins in weapon select.
-Fixed being unable to throw a torch while sprinting.
-Fixed spectating players who are using a ballista forcing the ballista to rotate.
-Fixed being unable to queue javelin throws.
-Fixed spawning with a random weapon equipped.
-Fixed a case where the setname command wasn't being blocked properly.

Map Changes


-Added awnings to first mason spawn to prevent archers from firing at the ballistae.
-Removed collision from damage states on the locks that were registering player strikes.
-Removed Balista after completion of first objective
-Minor spawn tweaks on final objective for attackers
-(Sound)Made malric must not fall/attack the throne room commander vo attacthed to end of statue fall, was previoused bugged and starting when sale cage pens came down


-Trebuchet 3 message should display correctly now.(Was showing trebuchet 4)


-Multiple collision and stuck spot fixes
-Fixed an exploit spot for archers in which they could hide inside the gatehouse mesh.
-Fixed a spot near the mason spawn where players could get on top of the rocks and were hard to access.
-Smoothed over the landscape in areas.
-Moved the ammo crate to the front of the Throne Room to reduce archer nesting around the king.
-Patched up some mesh holes/overlaps
There's also a few changes to feinting in the beta:
Feint changes - first pass only, subject to change:

-The last .15 of an attack windup is unfeintable.
-Feinting from a combo has a .1 longer recovery.
-Attacks made after a feint cannot be feinted.


-Modified some things about dodge that should make it smoother and less buggy - this needs extensive testing so we can be sure it addresses the problem without introducing new issues.
-Hitting destructible objectives no longer counts as a miss, and thus does not drain stamina - need to be sure it doesn't make attacking too easy on Citadel.

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