CU1 Patch 1 - 3/29

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CU1 Patch 1 - 3/29

Post by abiscuit » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:29 am ... =2&t=11692

Looks like they finally fixed the server browser stuff.

Patch 1 Beta 1


-Fixed an issue causing veteran helmets to be unusable.
-Fixed bodkin and broadhead arrows having their icons reversed in weapon select.
-Updated Polish localization. (Earlier mini-update)


-Fixed team score cutting off with four digit numbers.
-Removed overall progress bar.

Server browser:

-Improved text and scroll bar alignment.
-Darker background color.
-Added perspective lock filter.
-Added duel to game mode filter.
-Added the ability to save/reset/load/apply filters.
-Fixed the server list not fully populating.
-Fixed an issue with steam authentication causing incorrect player numbers.
-Fixed some filter settings.
-Server browser has also received several bug fixes and optimizations.


-Added new config variable for duel mode: bUseCustomNumberOfGamesToWin
-Added new command to change the length of the attack queue window: SetQueueWindow
-Fixed certain system messages not showing in chat (e.g. admin logins).
-Fixed being able to vote to change to the tutorial map.
-Fixed mistyping a map name in a vote triggering the delay between being able to call a new vote.

Maps/Game Modes


-Reduced ship speeds on Shipyard, fixed collision issues.
-Spawns moved to the center on the flat variation of Arena.
-Fixed exploit spots in Courtyard and Frostpeak.


-Victory is now awarded to the proper team when the map time limit expires.


-Added "Press E to use" indicator on fire trap switch in Arena.
-Various framerate optimizations on Frigid.
-Fixed CTF flags in LTS variation of Ruins.
-Fixed being able to jump on some of the boulders on Moor (for all variants).

Team Objective


-Aggressive optimization work has been done to improve framerates.
-Fixed defenders taking fall damage when jumping from their fourth spawn.
-Fixed invisible wall blocking ammo box.
-Fixed the ability to enter certain spawns.
-Fixed textureless blocks.
-Fixed many collision issues.
-Fixed nonfunctional warning pyre particles that were meant to alert defenders when attackers are in a certain area of the second slave objective.

First Objective

-Reduced the playable space on the first area, shortening the run for attackers.
-The palisade has been moved back.
-Defenders now spawn behind the palisade rather than on top of the wall.

Second Objective

-Number of slave cages reduced to 8 from 11.
-Locks require 7 hits to destroy from 5.
-Some locks removed from cages to funnel attackers.

Final Objective

-Added two ammo crates on the stairway wings.
-Moved attacker spawn back to the base of the stairs.


-Signal Fire reduced to 30/10 seconds to Capture/Extuiguish, down from 45/15.
-Trebuchet 3 removed.
-Number of ballista hits required to sink a ship down to 7 from 10.
-Collision overhaul - stuckspots, exploits and bugs fixed.
-Fixed torch pits deflecting attacks.
-Fixed collision on trees.
-Fixed some areas in the first attacking spawn blocking arrows.
-Fixed collision on trees.
-Fixed being able to enter spawns.
-Fixed respawn area on the FFA version of HillsidePyre allowing players to change loadout on the fly.


-Fixed being able to get on the castle wall after the gate is destroyed.
-Collision fixes and smoothing.


-The bird is no longer the word (on Battlegrounds).
-Added missing commander VOs for Citadel.
-Added missing "All Clear" VO for Agatha Man-at-Arms.
-Fixed an issue with ballista bolts playing sounds too often.


-Fixed an issue causing blocking to sometimes require more precision than intended.
-Fixed an issue related to attack queueing which caused shields to appear up for the client while not actively blocking.
-Fixed kick/shield bash recovery time on some weapons being .1 longer than intended (Broadsword, 1H Longsword, Flail, Heavy Flail)
-Fixed Billhook and Bardiche using the wrong damage type for sprint attacks. (changed from Swing to Pierce)
-Fixed flinch not applying in deflected state (hitting the ground/being parried).
-Fixed attacks queuing during an active parry, potentially causing you to launch a second attack after a counter-attack.
-Narrowed attack queuing window for some states to prevent some unwanted inputs (the queue time can be configured in UDKSettings.ini if you want it longer or shorter)
-The game now remembers the sprint button being held down, putting you into sprint again if your sprint is stopped for some reason.
-Broad Dagger stab damage from 40 to 35
-Broad Dagger overhead damage from 35 slashing to 40 piercing
-Hunting Knife overhead damage from 40 to 45
-Thrusting Dagger stab damage from 45 to 40
-Thrusting Dagger overhead damage from 30 slashing to 45 piercing


-Fixed camera offset issue with 2handed knight swords when crouching in first person.
-Fixed grand mace overhead to slash combo releasing from the wrong side.
-Hunting Knife overhead animation is now a slash to match its damage type.
-Updated some alt swing animations to be consistent with normal swings throughout the entire release.
Patch 1 RC1
- Citadel optimizations.
- Fixed Mason knight helmet and archer quiver belt not working on server.
- Fix queues not working when queue window is longer than the state animation.
- Remove parry queuing during active parry (still queues during recovery).
- Fixed pessing sprint key during duel ready-up unfreezing you.
- Blocked use of the -benchmark launch option.
- Hillside
-- Fixed some map exploits.
-- Fixed fall damage from final defending spawn.
-- Fixed trebuchet 3 still being labeled as 4 in the chat message signaling its destruction.
- Default weapon queue length included in DefaultSettings.ini
- Throne room in Citadel brighter.
- Fixed missing commander VO from stage 4 of Citadel.
- Fixed silent mine cart and removed riot sounds from old cage positions.
- Removed soundcues from citadel workers.
- Fixed a hit registration issue in the tutorial.
- Fixed server browser not displaying all servers on refresh.
- Made sure all commander VO was in chatter so players can turn it off if they don't want voices.
- Fixed a server crash that can only happen when server is running UDKGame.exe (though servers shouldn't be running UDKGame.exe; use UDK.exe or UDKLogging.exe!)

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Re: CU1 Patch 1 - 3/29

Post by NerevarineKing » Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:16 pm

A fist-fighting map? Yes!
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