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Creating Ville Events FAQ

Post by Ville Council » Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:24 pm

TheVille now welcomes everyone to create events for our community! This means you!

There are no limits to what can be created in here! Feel free to post any idea, no matter how insane you may think it is! Ideas may not become events but brain farts often produce excellent ideas later! There is no "stealing" here, we share ideas and create events out of them, for TheVille. We respect each other's opinions in here always.

The following are some tips/guidelines to get you started!


  • - NO SPAM IN HERE! This is a working forum for events only, this is not General Ramblings.
    - LISTEN TO THE EVENTS MODERATORS! They must maintain order in here and the more you listen to them, the better off we will all be.
    - RESPECT ALL IDEAS! If you are found being disrespectful to anyone's ideas in here, you will be removed from this forum.
    - CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Do not point out faults in any idea if you can not offer respectful and constructive criticism. Do not simply say "that won't work". Say, "it might work better this way".
    - Try to keep all communication in this forum and up to date when possible. The more you discuss in private, the more confusion you create in here.
    - You are all a team here, there is no "I". You are all in control of what type of events we have at TheVille!
    - Have fun with this!


Events Moderators

Events Moderators in alphabetical order are: abiscuit - Alizee Fan - Dirty Dan - Flash - TheCarpe

Events Moderators are here to assist/guide everyone in the creation of events. They are all quite experienced in created Ville events. These individuals as well as all Ville Admins, Seniors and the Council, are here to help.

  • - All events will receive oversight/approval by the Events Mods.
    - All events will be scheduled by the Events Mods, according to schedule availability.
    - The Events Mods reserve the right to edit any event to better suit TheVille, this also applies to privately created guild events.
    - Private guild nights (not open to public) are not subject to editing, but must be announced in here for the Events Mods to schedule.
    - Events Mods give the "ok" for you to post an event announcement, they will then make it a sticky in here, etc
    - Remember, not every idea becomes and event here. Trust the Events Mods to make the right decisions, it is never personal.


  • - NO guild vs guild events.
    - NO events involving vs leagues/clans/groups of any kind.
    - TheVille Cup is the only "serious" event TheVille has, let's keep it that way.


What type of event should you create?
  • - Spread the love by creating events for every mod TheVille has.
    - Mini-Cups or Extended Events that happen over several days, should be VERY limited as they take up a lot of resources and calendar schedule time.
    - Quick, simple, spontaneous, one day events are often the best.
    - Ambient/Static events like screenshot contests or "kill that player month" are great!
    - Keep it fun!

TheVille Cup
  • - There is only one Ville Cup and it happens only once per year.
    - TheVille Cup supersedes all Ville events and is not subject to any guidelines listed in this forum.
    - While we may elect to involve the community on certain aspects, TheVille Cup is created privately by TheVille Leadership, Council and Senior Admins.


Scheduling Events
  • - 1 Event per weekend
    - 1 Event per weekday (workweek)
    - Be sure not to interfere with other event schedules

Announcing Events
  • - Event announcements will be made no more than 2 weeks prior to any event.
    - Sign ups (if required) should begin no more than 2 weeks in advance.
Some events may require more time than others, for example a Mini Cup event. This can be an exception to the 2 week rule. The point is, try not to announce an event so early that people forget about it before it happens!


Advertising Events
  • - Posting as News: This will be done for most events. It’s always best if a graphic is made and that the post is kept relatively short so as not to make the homepage exceedingly long. Images should be kept to a maximum of 600px wide. Not all events need be or will be posted as front page news. Events Forum Mods will determine which events are to be posted as news.

    - Ville Steam Community: Can be edited by all server admins and Events Mods. TheVille Steam community is best used for making announcements when signups start, and to schedule the actual event so all community members can remember when the event is as well as the time in which it starts! All events should be put into the Steam Community page!

    - Server Advertisements: Can be edited by server admins and Events Mods, these should be used to direct everyone to the forums for signup of major events. This option will not be used for most events. The Events Mods will determine what events are advertised in this way.

    - Google Calendar: Edited by Events mods, this should be used so people know when events are and when they start, as well as help with scheduling and planning of events. All events must be entered into the calendar!

    Note: All of the previous advertisement methods require forum moderator status and/or special access to certain areas of TheVille. Just ask an Events Mod for help!

    - Shoutbox: Use as reminders on the day of the event to mention both the event, the time it takes place, and the server in which it’s on. It’s a nice friendly reminder for people!

    - Forum Signature: It helps to add event announcements/links to your signature for constant reminder to all in the forums!


Admin Help For Events
  • - All Council Members, Senior Admins and obviously Server Operators can run special commands/configs needed for events.
    - Ask for help in here and someone will help.
    - If all that is required are maps to be loaded, any admin can help run the event!
    - Be sure to have this help scheduled far in advance of any event.


And of course, if you have any questions that are not answered here, just ask an Events Moderator!

TheVille thanks you all for everything you do to make this the best gaming community around!


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