Beginner's Quick Guide to Chivalry

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Beginner's Quick Guide to Chivalry

Post by abiscuit » Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:40 pm

This post is intended to be a general guide to Chivalry, I might post more stuff later if there are questions. Anyone feel free to chime in with their own advice or feel free to ask questions about anything.

Types of Attacks

Side Swing - This is your basic attack and is the easiest to hit multiple enemies (or teammates) with
Overhead - Deals the most damage with the majority of weapons
Stab - Good for pole-arms and to hit an enemy in a specific spot where they aren't blocking
Kick - Makes an opponent flinch and breaks blocks, kicks can't be blocked but do cost stamina
Feign Attack - Pressing Q or Right clicking during the swing wind up will stop the attack at the cost of some stamina, you can use this to fake out enemies or prevent yourself from hitting teammates

Some weapons are more effective with certain attack types. For example, a Spear is better for stabbing compared to a Hammer.

If you hit someone while they are winding up their swing you will cause them to flinch and it will cancel the attack. If the attack is already past the wind up phase then hitting them won't stop the swing.

Combo Attacks

You can chain side, overhead, and stab attacks together by starting another attack as your first one is ending. Secondary and further attacks in a combo will swing a little faster than starting a new attack, allowing you to keep the assault going or to get a quick second attack in if you miss the first one. Side swing combos are easier to pull off, but it is possible to do it with overhead and stab attacks too. Combos can be stopped by flinching or a successful parry. You can't use combos if you are out of Stamina.

Combos can also be started with a kick or a successful parry.


Right click to parry or hold it to use your shield. A successful parry will prevent damage but will cost stamina. Blocking a weapon that is larger than yours will cost more stamina. If you run out of stamina and block an attack you will flinch, making it easier to get a hit on you. The key to a good block is to point your cursor near the tip of the weapon and then try to parry it when it gets near you. Be mindful of where the weapon is coming from too, putting up your shield is all well and good but if the enemy aims at an exposed part of you then you will still get hit. Keep this in mind for overhead swings and jump attacks.

Equipping a shield will cost a little mobility but gives you great protection against ranged attacks. Shields can block arrows even if you don't hit the block button as long as the arrow still hits the shield and not you.

Stamina and Health

Stamina and Health will slowly regenerate if you don't do any actions that cost Stamina. The following actions cost Stamina:

- Missing attacks
- Parrying or Blocking attacks
- Kicking
- Feigning attack
- Jumping
- Man At Arms Dodge
- Vanguard Jump Attack
- Holding shields up for an extended time

The following actions do not reduce stamina but prevents stamina/health regeneration:

- Sprinting
- Using ranged weapons
- Crouching (Stamina only)

Successfully hitting an opponent whether or not it is blocked will not reduce Stamina but it still prevents regeneration.



Ranged class with low health. Javelin gives you a shield to be a melee/ranged hybrid. Crossbows can one shot Archers and Man At Arms with a body shot but you are forced to be stationary when reloading. Longbow does less damage but gives you more mobility; when you unlock the Warbow you can kill anything not named Knight with one headshot. In general, keep your distance and look for other Archers or weakened targets (enemies with lots of blood on their clothes).

Most weapons can two shot archers.

Man At Arms

A fast, low health class. MAA has the ability to do a quick dodge at the cost of some stamina by double tapping a direction or by holding a direction and pressing V (default). Dodges cannot be performed while sprinting. Most of the weapons the MAA has are close range with medium damage and can two shot low health classes and sometimes Vanguards depending on the weapon. Knights will take three to four hits to take down. As the MAA you are the king of ganking due to your speed, also use this to try and avoid 2v1 situations or more if possible. MAA also has a shield option available if you are having issues with archers.

Like the Archer, most weapons kill the MAA in two hits.


A medium health, medium speed class. The Vanguard has the ability to do jump attacks after running for a short amount of time. Run until your animation changes then do a side swing to do the jump attack. Vanguards also have the longest reach melee weapons in the game and as such can easily hit multiple people with their side swings. Some of their more powerful weapons can two shot other Vanguards and even Knights if you hit them in the head. Use the range on your weapons to your advantage and don't be afraid to swing wildly in a crowd if enemies, just watch out for your teammates.

Vanguards will take two or three hits to kill but it ultimately depends on the weapon. Some archer weapons like the Warbow or Crossbow can kill with one headshot.


The tank, a low speed, high health class. Most of their weapons can two shot any class and the Maul can one shot MAA and Archers with an overhead swing. Knights also have two kinds of shields available if they desire. Some weapons like the Longsword can be wielded one handed or two handed. Two handing a weapon will deal more damage. As a Knight you can initiate fights easily without as much risk due to your high health and damage. If you are having issues against someone blocking all of your heavy attacks try kicking them or switching to your secondary.

Knights will take three to four hits to kill from most classes except from other Knights and some Vanguard weapons. Headshots from an Archer won't kill you in one hit but will take a lot of your health away.

That's about all I can think of for now. Feel free to chime in with your own advice or questions.
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Re: Beginner's Quick Guide to Chivalry

Post by Gizanked » Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:45 pm

Combo attacks. Go at it biscuit!
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Re: Beginner's Quick Guide to Chivalry

Post by Zork Nemesis » Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:25 pm

Going to point out, stab attacks have the furthest reach of the three attacks, no matter the weapon. They are also the easiest to control when it comes to avoiding hitting teammates. It's also noted that if you turn during a swing, your weapon will still follow. Performing a horizontal swing attack and turning at the same time can give you a small amount of control concerning your aim, allowing you to increase your swing radius or direct your weapon away from teammates/into sidestepping targets/around an enemy's parry.

Concerning friendly fire, most servers seem to adjust how much damage you do to your teammates. You should avoid hitting them as much as you can, but most servers appear to only deal 50% damage to friendlies (and no damage to certain objective NPCs like the Peasants or the Royal Families if you're playing defense). Typically you shouldn't need to have more than two people on one target, sending more than three people against one enemy is not only a waste of resources but a team-kill waiting to happen, especially if Vanguards are involved. If you end up in a fight with several teammates at once, try to avoid using horizontal swings to prevent friendly fire, as you will cause your teammates to flinch as well if you hit them in mid-swing; the blades do not discriminate for friends.

Respawns come in waves, but you're no help to your team when you're dead. If you find yourself injured and able to get away, you regenerate health by standing still or walking slowly out of combat. You do not regenerate health when you attack or block. This is especially important if you find yourself as the King in that one map (don't know the name) as your survival is critical for the defending team.

Weapon unlocks, each class has 3 trees of primary weapons, 2 trees of secondary, and a set of "special" weapons that don't collect experience. The weapon trees themselves vary widely, but the unlocks are more-or-less sidegrades of each other. I don't know all of them, but here's an example with the Vanguard:
You have Greatswords, Spears, and Polearms. Greatswords have the best balance of stats as well as the strongest swing attacks. The standard Greatsword has a good balance of power, while the Claymore sacrifices power for speed and the Zweihander trades speed for power. The three Spear weapons, the Spear itself has the longest reach of any non-ranged weapon in the game. The Fork trades some of that reach for attack speed, and the third unlock, whatever it's called, has the best damage of the three at the cost of attack speed. Finally the polearms, the initial axe has the best damage but is the slowest. The Billy Hook is the shortest and weakest, but the fastest attacker, while the Halberd has exceptional reach with modest damage and speed.

Some weapons can be unlocked on multiple classes. In particular the Man at Arms shares his weapons with every other class: His primary swords and maces can be used by Knight secondaries and his primary axe is a Vanguard secondary. Both of his secondary weapons are shared with archers. You theoretically never have to play Man at Arms to become a veteran MAA.

Also, never underestimate a Man at Arms. I just won a match on offense on the map where you poison the water and kill the royal family (I really need to learn the names) by charging past at least six dudes (four of which were tower shield knights) standing five feet away from the two remaining royal family members (in the doorway) within the last minute of the match. If there's such a thing as a clutch victory, that was one.

This is hard to be cool and suave while being informative at the same time. Goddamn my coolness.
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