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Rotation update for July

Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:47 pm
by Dirty Dan
Thought I'd get some discussion on a new map cycle going. I included some brief descriptions because I'm bad at remembering which maps are which, and my personal thoughts on them. If there are any mistakes sorry, went a little fast through this.

Current Rotation:

pl frontier: Cart has massive jaws, desert themed. Designed well and liked by most.
toy fort: It's a staple.
avantiville: Beeron's avanti rendition, should be kept, possibly in a different rotation slot?
cp blazewalk rc5: 5 capture points, desert themed, middle point has railroad boxes, bridge over it, 2/4th point is in a glass box. I like that it's designed with the vertical dynamic (double jumps, rocket jumps, ect) well thought out, seems to have good rounds.
pl stovepipe b3: Desert themed payload, ends in an industrial zone. Solid map.
cp obscure final: 5 control pt, snow covered. Haven't heard much feedback, personally could take it or leave it.
haarp b2: snow outside, intel near spawn, take it to to capture points, first inside large window, 2nd inside a building. I think this one is getting a little stale, could use a break.
pl downhill b1: desert themed payload, lots of altnerate passage ways, seemed well designed but doesn't get much play due to spot on the rotation, I'd be in favor of moving it up to get it some more play time.

Other maps:
cp Desert Fortress: Symetrical fortress w/ capture pts. Has good give & take, has had a break, would like to see a return.
cp Observatory: Have to capture a/b, then have access to c which is in reactor. Has been on hiatus, would like to see it return.
pl zig z2a: Cart = mining cart. Long payload map, would like to see it again.
Corporation: The first stage is the only reedeming factor imo, inside stages are too tight. I don't think it's worth using.
Cayenne Mountain: Ian's map. Still needs health and ammo packs last I saw of it.
plr panic: 1st stage is tight, later stage has carts going down hill, speakers after win. Decent but we've had it recently, good to give it a break.
cp castle4 First cap is in a building in an open area, 2nd & final cap is in a castle with ~3 entrances, one goes up into it from a valley, 2nd over a castle wall, 2nd through ground level. Entertaining map, I wouldn't mind playing it again.
wacky races: novelty
balloon races: novelty

Rotation idea (in order):

cp desert fortress
pl frontier
cp observatory
toy fort
pl downhill
cp blazewalk
pl zig 2za

Thoughts? Goal here is just to freshen it up a bit.

Re: Rotation update for July

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:49 pm
by l3eeron
I did some research and it looks like we have a pretty solid rotation, as far as which maps can keep the server full. I looked up other popular servers, they run pretty much the same thing (minus avantiville :lol:).

I don't really have any suggestions. 'cept personally I'm not a fan of Desert Fortress... only because it's so played out now...

But, I do want to say that I am working on an update for avantiville.

Edit : Ian's map cayene mountain needs more than just ammo/health. It needs more signage, badly. We were all lost, even after I knew where everything was. All in all it's a pretty good map though. Ian's best so far.

Re: Rotation update for July

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:06 pm
by Plinko
Let me see. . . I would be happy to see desertfortress back, I have always loved that map and it's had a break for a long time. If we have it, it needs to be kept halfway from toy fort because those maps are strong draws of players, but tend to stalemate. I like the idea of one at the beginning and one at the halfway mark of the rotation, though I'd make it fifth, not fourth.

Avanti needs to stay and I'm looking forward to the newest iteration, but I'd like to see it separated from toy fort (or DF if it comes back), I think a staple custom should follow TF and/or DF because those maps draw a lot of random pubbers and going straight to a less common custom can encourage server exodus, having frontier or observatory after TF and DF would help maintain more stable pop since many folks would have those maps and by the time the less commons come around I'd hope they'll stay through the download.
I've not gotten much play out of downhill, either, so moving it up would be nice.

I'd shoot for (assuming same maps, I like a lot of customs that aren't mentioned but I'm too lazy to look and I certainly hate all the same maps as DD)


Rotation update for July

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:52 pm
by WarnerHet
looks good to me. I definitely think the time should be more then 30 minutes. 40 minutes sounds good to me.

personally id like to see the a couple maps changed every couple weeks, just to help keep things fresh. custom maps is what makes tf2 so awesome, and you will never please everyone with any map rotation. personally im ready for 2 fort to be shot in the head and put to rest but plenty others still love it.

making a point of changing a few maps every couple weeks would really go a long way. then its not like its a big deal to come up with a map rotation. there certainly is enough stats to show if a specific map drives people off the server.

Re: Rotation update for July

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:58 pm
by TheCarpe

Re: Rotation update for July

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:25 pm
by Plinko