I can't play Synergy, I quit.

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I can't play Synergy, I quit.

Post by BigBiker05 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:01 pm

Synergy has to have the worst player base out of any game I've ever played. I do not understand it. I enjoy the game, and its a blast. I do wish it was more friendly like the Sven co-op, but it was built the way it is and has its flaws.

ANYWAYS, Synergy has one BIG problem that really tics me off. It seems to have some of the most immature players out of any game. The main reason why I call it a night, even after just turning the game on sometimes, is that there is always a few annoying players. They grief, the curse you out, they sing on the mic, they spam chat with broken English or some other language.

I'm not sure if it is this way because it is a mod and therefor to a point it is a free game. But I've played a lot of mods, some I still do. I'm always into a free micro-transaction online game. But Synergy is really the worst. So once again, I have uninstalled the game I swore myself not to reinstall it. Maybe this time I will actually remember why I uninstalled it.

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