Insane spawn-camping in Ramadi

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Post by Trinith » Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:09 am

[quote="Cujo";p="140928"]lol .. where are you getting Mr.Fish?[/quote]

Mr. Fish!
Mr. No Fish!
Mr. 2 Fish! C D B D I's?
Whale, Oil, Beef, Hooked, Mr. Fish!


And you call yourself a maritimer... ;)

One more hint... read it with the accent:

M R Fish!
M R No Fish!
M R 2 Fish! C D B D I's?
Whale, Oil, Beef, Hooked, M R Fish!


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Post by Cujo » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:45 am

I thought you where saying that I called you Mr.Fish..
This Bluenoser knows his maritime stuff. I'm not used to people putting *hints* like that in posts in here, but now I will be on the look out ;)

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