Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

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Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by KajiVena » Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:35 pm

People make new ideas for weapons all the time. I think it's time we Villuns share ours among ourselves.

Tips for making a new weapon idea:
1) Try to balance the pros and cons compared to Stock weapons at all times.
2) Try to make the idea have original stats (I.E. not +25% damage, -2 Clip size) unless you feel it should have it.
3) Think about how to make new playstyles for classes and/or expand on currently existing playstyles
4) Keep an open mind. Your ideas are never perfect by themselves. Listen to what others have to say and think about what they say without taking offense to it.
5) If you cannot think of a name for the weapon, it does not matter. People will suggest a name for you if they like your idea.
6) While keeping the weapon balanced compared to Stock, make sure to provide incentive to use the weapon. (Example: FaN has knockback that allows a third jump and the ability to knock an enemy in any direction you want, while the Scattergun doesn't)

I'll start with some of my own.

The Tobor Ten-shot
Level xx Shotgun

(+) Ammo gained from Sentry damage
(+) 10 shots in clip
(+) All Shots Reloaded at once
(-) No reserve ammo (explained below)
(-) -15% damage per pellet
(-) No random critical hits

*Replaces Shotgun
*Sentry damage per life is now totaled by a new window, similar to how Engineers got the Revenge Crit window.
*On death, Engineer loses all totaled damage.
*Totaled damage is basically a counter to show how many shots you can reload. In theory, you can have infinite shots.
*Each level of Sentry has different Damage/Ammo conversion rates
**Mini-Sentry - 1 reloaded shot per 12 damage
**Sentry Level 1 - 1 reloaded shot per 16 damage
**Sentry Level 2 - 1 reloaded shot per 32 damage
**Sentry Level 3 - 1 reloaded shot per 48 damage
***Damage counter decreases by said amount per reloaded shell

The *Something*
Level xx *Something*

(+) +50 Metal
(+) 50% Metal from Ammo Boxes
(+) All buildings take 25 less Metal to build
(+) Sentry damage is converted to health, with overheal
(-) Buildings are moved at speed of revved-up Brass Beast Heavy (14.66% speed)
(-) Removes Engineer's Destroy PDA
(-) -50% healed health from all sources except Sentry damage

*Replaces Pistol

Both were designed when I tried designing new weapons that synergize well with the offensive Engineering playstyle.

Comment, criticize and have fun designing.

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Zork Nemesis » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:33 pm

I've had a couple ideas that were ultimately implemented by other means. While they still have their own originality, other items took their place before I put mine in.

The Salad Bar -Nice hustle tons-of-fun, next time eat a salad!
Level x Lunch box
-Heavy Secondary
-On consumption: +50% move speed (or whatever the GRUs have), -100 Max health (effects last for 30 seconds)
This was implemented through the GRUs
-The idea was to give the heavy a movement speed boost with a health penalty

The Quantum Balancer
Level x medigun
-Medic Secondary
-Ubercharge grants a healing aura to all friendly players (and disguised spies) within a buff-banner's range of the medic. The heal would be equal to the normal in-combat medigun healing rate.
-20% slower ubercharge rate
This was implemented with both the Amputator and the Concherer (in theory)
-The idea was to give thme medic a new uber that would allow him to heal several at once, allowing for mass healings or mass pushes

The Cavalier's Calling
Level x Shield
-Demo Secondary
-Passive effect: Grants 20-30% bullet resistance, 20-30% fire resistance, 20-30% explosive resistance, 50% melee resistance
-Equipping this shield has no other benefits (therefore, no stickybombs, no charging)
With this shield, a demo would be harder to kill, but would lose even more supportability than he loses with the standard targe. A "Heraldic Targe" can be found in a game text file, but nothing is stated about it as of now.

The Carbonier's Choice
Level x Rifle
-Soldier Secondary
-As opposed to a shotgun blast, this rifle would fire single shots that would also suffer from normal damage falloff (no headshots)
-While more accurate at medium or long range, the rifle would lack the same kind of close range stopping power that you get with the shotgun. Think of it as a slightly stronger version of the scout/engy pistol built for the soldier
-Ideal damage and stats
-Close: 30-45 (Shotgun can pull up to 108 at max ramp-up)
-Medium: 20-30 (Shotgun usually does between 20-40, depending on how many pellets land)
-Long: 10-15 (Shotgun usually pulls 3s at long, while the pistol pulls 8s)
-Critical: 135 (per bullet, crits don't suffer damage falloff)
-0.8 seconds between shot
-8 shots per magazine
-40 shots reserve (48 total shots, 5 reloads total from start to finish)
-4 second reload, all at once
-Model would resemble something like an M1 Carbine, though it doesn't have to look exactly as such.
A weapon to give the Soldier an option when choosing a gun as a secondary, close-and-personal or back-and-away

The welder's widgit (my naming is a little uncreative)
Level x Welding Torch
-Engineer Melee
-20% faster repair rate
-Enemies hit catch fire for 6 seconds (at standard afterburn, that would deal roughly 40-ish damage in afterburn)
-25% reduced direct damage
-Cannot be used to deploy buildings faster
It's a welding torch, similar to the one pictured in the Engy update teaser trailer

The Outbacker's Tool
Level x Crossbow
-Sniper Primary
-A crossbow that would combine the best parts of the Huntsman with the best parts of the Sniper Rifle, a scope for your arrows (think Half-Life 2 crossbow)
-Does not require charging, would shoot arrows as if you fired with an 80% flight angle on every shot while maintaining full damage
-25% slower reload speed
-25% less damage than the huntsman (meaning you can still headshot, but a headshot would only do 270 damage, same power as a crit rocket, meaning you can't one shot a heavy who isn't overhealed, and you can't one shot a fully overhealed soldier or 4-head demo)
This ultimatly became the Crusader's Crossbow, or at least the concept of a crossbow did

The Business Givers
Level x Knuckles
-Heavy Melee
-15% increased damage dealt
-20% slower attack rate
KGBs without the crit boost, but with bonus damage. Thinking of something along the lines of brass knuckles here.

The Firebox
Level x Thermite
-Pyro Secondary
-I know grenades went out with TFC, but hear me out on this one
-When dropped: Creates a patch on the ground (about the size of a teleporter) that if stepped on, shot (by enemies), or exploded on, bursts into flames for 10 seconds.
-Any enemy or the Pyro who dropped it who passes through the flames will catch fire and take damage.
-Standard afterburn damage (60 over 10 seconds) as well as damage equal to the flamethrower at it's max distance every half-second one remains within the fire (which I think is 10 per half-second, meaing GET OUT OF THERE!).
-30 second cooldown between box drops, only one box can exist per pyro at a time. If a second one is deployed, the first will vanish
-The box disapears from it's dropped location if the pyro dies before it's tripped or hits a resupply cabinet
This concept seems great for defensive situations such as blocking doorways or seperating people. The small size makes it tough to defend an entire control point with, but it would allow you to block access to entryways.

This is hard to be cool and suave while being informative at the same time. Goddamn my coolness.
In my experience, common sense isn't too common.

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Peahats » Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:27 am

Funny story. One day bored in class I drew some tf2 weapon ideas, one was a crossbow for the medic that healed both friend and enemy (this was before the australium update). The second weapon was a heavy minigun

I don't have a name for it

-50% damage done
Has clip size of 50 and a very slow reload time
-50% wind up time
No slowdown on yourself when firing

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Supreveio » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:08 am

I saw a mailbox weapon for the Pyro over at the Polycount forum, so I decided to make this possibly-overpowered weapon:
Level 5 Mailbox
On hit: for 5 seconds, all damage dealt by the target is duplicated on them
-75% damage done
Plus, these two Flamethrowers that may assist different playstyles of Pyro.
Level 5 Flame Thrower
-50% airblast cost
Reflected projectiles become crits
-25% damage done
-50% burn duration
Level 5 Flame Thrower
Airblasts may be charged, increasing knockback on enemy players
Airblasts can be used to jump higher and further
Reflected projectiles do not mini-crit
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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Peahats » Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:37 am

I just thought of two more:

Soldier secondary

Tighter cone of fire (better at longer ranges)
-50% clip size
-50% weapon swicth time

Sniper primary

-25% damage done
When arrows are ignited, +50% damage increase

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Supreveio » Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:27 am

I should also note that I have also "taken the liberty" of assigning half-assed stats to some of the better Polycount Contest entries (thereby ruining them forever). I have not, however, thought up of any set bonuses (those ones are hard).

Suburban Scout (by Cheeezy)
The Paperboy
Level 5 Newspaper
Alt-fire: thrown newspaper distracts sentry guns

(Concept: Works like the Sandman, except instead of stunning enemies it distracts Sentries you throw it past.)

The Brain Freeze
Level 1 Lunch Box
Restores 15 health per lick
Eating too much causes brain freeze!

(Concept: A mini-Sandvich for the Scout that you eat on the go. The brain freeze effect comes in the form of either a slowdown effect (much like Bonk used to do), a reduction in damage from other weapons, or increased damage taken.)

The Tirebite
Level 5 Scattergun
Damage from this weapon do not show indicators to the victim
-25% slower firing speed

(Concept: For those sneaky Scouts)

Airborne Armaments (by Elbagast)
The Jumper's Trumpet
Level 5 Rocket Launcher
-50% blast damage from rocket jumps
+10% damage done
-50% max primary ammo on wearer

(Concept: Works together with the other weapons in its pack, which didn't happen with the packs that actually made it into the game. The idea is that you rocket jump and rain death from above.)

The Reserve Shooter
Level 7 Shotgun
+25% faster reload speed
+100% max secondary ammo on wearer
This weapon is rationed and cannot be wielded until all rocket ammo is depleted

(Concept: Kind of like a reverse Half-Zatoichi. You can't switch to it unless you're out of rocket ammo. I like to think people would use it to retreat on maps with few ammo placements or on a team without an Engineer)

The Market Gardener
Level 1 Multitool
Alt-fire: switch weapon head
Shovel Head: +10% health from healers while active
Pickaxe Head: +10% more ammo from ammo packs
-30% damage done

(Concept: I like the idea of a weapon having two different effects based on what side is the attacking side)

Government Issued (by Contralis)
The Shell Shocker
Level 10 Rocket Launcher
Increased knockback on damaged targets
+10% damage done
-25% slower projectile speed

(Concept: A slow-moving rocket that knocks everyone all over the place when it explodes.)

The CO's Colors
Level 2 Battle Banner
Provides a protective buff that prevents teammates from being knocked back by enemy-induced damage and airblasts

(Concept: I pretty much stole this from the Quick-Fix's Ubercharge. Could be useful with a normal Ubercharge to stop those pesky Pyros from knocking the Medic around)

The Ten Incher
Level 1 Bayonet
On hit: bleed for 6 seconds
+25% bullet damage vulnerability while active

(Concept: We can't have enough bleed weapons! I couldn't actually think of anything interesting for a bayonet-on-a-stick, so bleed it is)

Tropic Commando (by Graff Pirate)
The Commando Knife
Level 1 Utility Knife
On kill: a small ammo pack is dropped
-15% damage done

(Concept: Works like the Candy Cane, except with ammo. I don't see it being very useful, given that you get ammo from fallen weapons anyway)

The Straight Shooter
Level 5 Rocket Launcher
Projectiles stick to enemies and surfaces and detonate 3 seconds after striking

(Concept: Self-detonating sticky rockets. For the Soldier that enjoys area-denial at the cost of direct damage)

World War II (by Nzdjh)
The F-Bomb
Level 1 Rocket Launcher
+50% explosion radius
+65% damage done
-75% projectile speed
+50% damage to self
-75% clip size

(Concept: A one-shot rocket launcher that nukes everything in a rather large radius. But the projectiles are oh so very slow, making them avoidable at medium range, and the Soldier murders himself at close range with 50% more damage to himself)

The Bastogne Basher
Level 5 Makeshift Club
On hit: slow target for 2 seconds
No random critical hits

(Concept: Slows for melee combo hits. Not the terrible Natascha slow effect, either.)

Authority and Discipline (by Konras)
The Green Whipper
Level 1 Riding Crop
Hitting a teammate increases their movement speed for 5 seconds
-90% damage done

(Concept: Pretty much no damage in exchange for speeding up your teammates by whipping them.)

The First Contact
Level 5 Rocket Launcher
Damage is based on number of rockets loaded
Cannot reload until clip is empty

(Concept: Damage increases as your clip decreases. Make that last shot count, because you can't reload until the gun's empty.)

Weapon Prototypes (by Ithoual)
The Maverick
Level 1 Rocket Launcher
This weapon reloads itself based on damage done
-100% max primary ammo on wearer

(Concept: For the Soldier who likes to take risks. You can't reload manually, instead you must deal damage to reload. The more damage you do, the more rockets get reloaded.)

The Arbiter
Level 5 Assault Rifle
On hit: one enemy takes mini-crits for 5 seconds

(Concept: It's like a ranged Fan O'War that only lasts five seconds. I also figure that since it's a rifle, it does a stream of damage instead of the shotgun's burst)
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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Supreveio » Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:12 pm

Continued with the Pyro and Demoman Packs:

The Pyro's A Dirty Thief! (by Norron)
The Axplosion
Level 1 Rocket-Propelled Axe
Critical hits spin you 360 degrees, striking every enemy around you
On miss: -35% movement speed for 5 seconds

(Concept: I believe the on-crit effect is impossible to do in-game, but I thought that a crowd-control axe was pretty neat)

The Heartburner
Level 5 Flare Gun
Burn damage is internal for 3 seconds
-15% slower projectile speed

(Concept: By "internal" I mean that the fire works like bleed for three seconds, where it can't be extinguished except by Medkits, after which your victim bursts into flames.)

Pyro 2.0 (by GoLDeN)
The Firesol
Level 1 Flame Thrower
+100% damage done
+50% faster projectile speed
-50% burn damage

(Concept: For the Pyros who can aim their fire. Double normal Flamethrower damage is still only like 10 damage per particle, so I believe it's balanced. Especially since afterburn is nerfed. But who knows? Maybe I shouldn't be the balancing guy for anything ever again.)

The Faceroaster
Level 5 Stove Burner
On hit: target is branded
Branded targets take mini-crits from fire and burn damage
-50% damage done

(Concept: For the Pyros who like to work in pairs.)

Horticultural Prowess (by Guitbox)
I already posted my stats for the Griefblower in a previous post, so...

The Head Trimmer
Level 5 Scythe
On hit: bleed for 4 seconds
On hit and kill: victim is decapitated
You are worth two heads to the Eyelander
-15 health on wearer

(Concept: The Pyro is all about damage-per-second, so why not give him the better DPS as well?)

Good Old Days (by AntTON)
Lady McDeth
Level 1 Grenade Launcher
Launched bombs detonate on surfaces
+30% explosion radius
+20% damage done
-75% clip size
-50% max secondary ammo on wearer

(Concept: A single-shot grenade launcher whose projectile explodes on surfaces. You have less ammo to work with, so make every shot count.)

Mr. Bombster
Level 1 Bomb
This bomb explodes into mini-bombs, dealing massive damage in a small area

(Concept: A Jarate-like grenade-type weapon that works like MIRV grenades from TFC. Give it a long recharge to keep people from spamming it. Takes up the Sticky Bomb slot, presumably)

The Stickied Sticky
Level 5 Stick Bomb
Unfortunately, this sticky bomb is a dud...
On hit: +1 primary and secondary ammo given to wielder
-20% damage done

(Concept: Bash an enemy to regain some ammo. Seems fine to me.)

WAR! Reparations (by crazy-g)
The Celtic Cannon
Level 3 Grenade Launcher
Launched bombs are spherical and roll more erratically
+50% clip size
+20% faster firing speed
-30% damage done
-20% slower reload time

(Concept: A Spamoman weapon. The grenades will roll like Sandman stunballs)

The Battle Bracer
Level 10 Shield
Alt-fire: bash a nearby enemy with your shield
+30% bullet damage resistance on wearer
+40% melee damage resistance on wearer

(Concept: Gives the Demoman a "second" melee attack. No charging, though.)

The Clodhoppers
Level 5 Boots
-20% blast damage from sticky jumps

(Concept: The Demoman's Gunboats. Another idea I had for these are a "+10% faster charge speed" benefit for those Melee-only Demoknights)
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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by One_Medic_Army » Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:50 pm

All I ever really wanted was an engineer melee weapon that'd de-sap in one swing instead of two.
I don't care if it heals disguised spies instead of hurting them, so long as I can de-sap in one swing.
As an alternative, I thought up an engineer melee alternate:
50% faster swing speed, 50% less damage (it actually lowers total DPS, as you're swinging at 3/2 normal rate, but doing 1/2 normal damage, for a total of 3/4 DPS. Also as we know swing damage matters more in melee than swing speed most times)

My other idea was an alternative for the wrangler, it'd look like a paint gun and the mechanic would be that the sentry would for preference target whoever you shot with the paint gun, so long as they were within range. It would work on disguised spies. The weapon would do no or next to no damage, and have fire rate similar to the flare gun or crossbow (so no just spamming paint marker pellets).

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Earthworm James » Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:16 pm


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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Checkm8 » Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:22 pm

The Golden Checkm8
Level M8 Sword Thing
89% Whoop @ss
9% chance nonWhoop @ss
Possibility of making enemy spontaneously combust due to Whoop @ss
-1% health on inefficient whooping of the @ss

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by crimsonshootingstar » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:11 am

The Crafty Fox
the item is represented as a foxes tail on the spys back when not disgiused
replaces the watch
-spy cannot cloak
-when disgiused and right click is pressed this item creates the illusion of the spy attacking with whatever weapon his disguise has equipped. This atack deals no damage but will show normal damage numbers to medics a fixed to the spy.

The Special Comrade
replaces the heavys shotgun with a massive looking version
-50% clip size
when fired it deals 20 damage to the heavy and knocks him back

The Arc Enemy
replaces the engies wrench with an arc welder
-40% dam done
20% increased biuld time (not upgrade)
repairs 20% faster
When a spy is hit it shorts out his watch making him unable to cloak for 3 seconds
If he has the dead ringer armed it will block the blow but then shorts out leaving him visible and vulnerable

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Bakuryu » Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:20 am

For Engy:

Set: The Hell Lion's Tools

Replacing wrench:
The Electric Eye
Level 82 Tipton Wrench
Drains 3 health per second on wearer
Removes sappers in one hit
-50% damage done
+50% health from healing effects

Replacing Shotgun
Level 50 Rivet Gun
+15% reload time
-80% ammo capacity
Fires individual bullets
Hits cause knockback and 6 seconds of bleed damage

Replacing Pistol:
The Amplifier
Level 11 Volume Control
While in use, all of the engineers equipment within a 10m (arbitrary number) radius charges and fires at a 25% increased rate, but takes 30% more damage.

Halford's Choker
Level 28 Spiked Collar

Set Bonus: -10% Ranged Damage to wearer
+20% Melee Damage to wearer

For Demoman
Replacing sticky launcher
Semtex Slammer
Shots stick to surfaces, exploding after 5 seconds
Shots cannot be destroyed by bullets, but can be moved by melee and airblasts

Replacing Grenade Launcher
McSplodey's Mortar
-90% move speed
Shots are aimed with an targeting arc
+15% Damage
+30% reload time
-75% Ammo capacity

For spy
Replacing the sapper
Ze Haywire
Reverses the effects of dispensers (drains health, ammo, metal), the direction of travel of teleporters, and forces sentry guns to fire without ceasing
-25 Health on wearer

Replacing the knife
Gentleman Gustav's Garotte
Cannot attack from the front
On successful backstab, +100% cloak
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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Zork Nemesis » Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:08 am

I was thinking about this last night, I had another one.

The Down-Under Thunder
Level xx Sniper Rifle
Fully charged shots pierce through enemies
-Similar to the original Sydney Sleeper
-The effect would suffer a damage falloff for each target hit, something like full damage on the first hit, half on the second, quarter on the third, etc.
-An example, target one takes 150 damage, target two takes 75, target 3 takes 38 (rounding up)
-Second example, target one is headshotted for 450, target two is headshotted as well for 225, target 3 is bodyshotted for 38
50% slower charge time
-Would require 12 seconds to fully charge the sniper shot instead of the normal 8, or the 6 required by the current Sydney Sleeper
-This would make it less effective for when the battle gets intense and several targets show themselves.
Cannot headshot within 2 seconds of activating scope
-To suppliment the effectiveness reduction during busy fights, this is definetly more of a 'narrow hallway camper' rifle

This is hard to be cool and suave while being informative at the same time. Goddamn my coolness.
In my experience, common sense isn't too common.

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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by Supreveio » Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:09 pm

I also had this nifty idea for a Sentry (read: Wrench) replacement way back before the Engineer Update released that I just remembered I had:

Level 1 Electric Hammer
Replaces the Sentry with a customizable Tesla Coil

Players of the CustomTF mod for the original Quake Team Fortress will know exactly what this is. In the mod, Engineers could also build a Tesla Coil in addition to a normal Sentry. Instead of having levels like a Sentry, a Tesla Coil had a "point buy" system, where you could choose a few nifty options of upgrading the coil. You could upgrade the coil's damage, range and/or rate of fire by spending a limited number of points on the respective stats (which were I believe called "Voltage", "Amperage" and "Resistance". I was never sure which did which, so I'll use the layman's terms in this post). In addition, you could also spend two or three points to make the coil a ceiling turret, surprising your enemies and making it slightly harder to destroy (since nobody ever looks up). Though, if it hit the sky, it would self-destruct.

Since most TF2 maps take place outside, the ceiling coil upgrade is somewhat limited, and thus will not be a part of the TF2 Tesla Coil.

Some time before or after construction (to be determined by people who actually know what they're doing), you can spend up to five upgrade points on your Tesla Coil (to a max of three points on a single stat).

RATE OF FIRE: A Tesla Coil doesn't fire as rapidly as a bullet-firing Sentry, but you can upgrade its rate of fire. One point doubles the rate, two triples, and three quadruples the normal firing rate (which is around 1.5 blasts per 2 seconds, which becomes 3, 4.5 and finally 6 times every two seconds.)
DAMAGE: However, a Tesla Coil does more damage per hit than a normal Sentry. And you can make it even more powerful by adding points. An un-upgraded Tesla Coil deals around 30 damage per hit. Each upgrade point increases the damage done by around 30. (Remember that a normal level 3 Sentry does around 130 damage per second)
RANGE: A Tesla Coil has the same range as a normal Sentry, but can be extended by spending points on the range stat. With the Wrangler around, this stat might be pointless, but... Each point increases the Tesla Coil's range by 200-300 hammer units. (the base Sentry range is 1100 hammer units)

A Tesla Coil has 180 health at all times (the same as a level 2 Sentry Gun)
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Re: Villun Creativity: New Weapon Ideas

Post by unknown » Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:35 pm

new knife for spy

Ballistic knife
+80% damage
no crits

that would be sweet if the spy had a throwing/ballistic knife

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