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Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:19 pm
by <eVa>Verman
Flash, or M's,

Does the Hidden Lake facility have any of the cryo recharging/preserving assets on site? (Cryofridge or refrigerator)
I'm looking into the world of cryo for creature work.
Also, how safe is the flight from South Point Beach to the lake via a ptero?


Re: Cryoworld

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 7:36 am
by Flash
Sounds like it is time to electrify your ranch.

I've got a Cryofridge now (which is the only thing that will recharge a Cryopod). But it would probably be easier to build one down south instead of you having to fly back and forth to use it. The recharge rate is real-time, meaning it will take 30 real world days to recharge a dead cryopod. So you'll want to keep any pods in the fridge just about all the time. You want it close at hand.

Figure out where you want your fridges, let me know what materials you are missing and I'll help gather them up tonight so we can get you setup.

For a basics start you just need an electrical generator (they are noisy so I have mine a good distance from my workshop so I don't have to hear it all the time), some electrical wires, an outlet and the cyrofridge. But if you're going all in you could replace all your preserving bins with refrigerators as well and really up your cold storage game.

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Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:35 pm
by <eVa>Verman
Thanks for the info. Let me ponder some ideas.

No thoughts on electrifying the Mansion?

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Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:20 pm
by Flash
<eVa> Verman wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:35 pm
No thoughts on electrifying the Mansion?
That is up to you and M, I'm not down there enough for it to benefit me. An extra generator just means more gasoline to keep stocked and we don't have any tribe stuff that really needs to be kept cold at this point.

I just figured you'd get more benefit by us using the resources to wire up your place, which is still close enough to the tribe base if we need to stock some extra perishables.

The only advantage to electrifying the tribe base is we could hook the hatchery to it and those air conditioners would basically run all the time with no one needing to bring their own gasoline to use it. But it stills means needing double the gasoline supply when you eventually decide you want power at your place too.

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Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:01 am
by <eVa>Verman
Your points are good. I'm going to plan on doing it to my ranch, since we all have access to it. Now a question or two.
I plan on setting the generator behind my main house, close to the back wall.
I'm guessing I can use a stone foundation, walls and ceiling for the generator, but is there an advantage to using a metal structure like the Incub that I'm not taking into account?
Is electrical cable like pipe in that there is no limit to the length of cable from the source to the load?
I'm planning on powering at least the cryopod and a refrigerator, both to be installed inside the house.

I did a decent look at the material loading, and have quite a lot of the stuff on hand. Where I might be a little short is Obs for a few pieces of polymer and pearls for a few pieces of electronics. I already borrow some from the Mansion, and plan on doing a recon run for the pearls and Obs with my ever expanding squadron of mid-level pteras.

I've got a nice dodo farm growing, lots of egg gathering periodically. Crafting a lot of the 3 lower levels of kibble if someone needs some. I can craft 4 of the 6 listed, the only ones not are Superior and Extraordinary. That stuff does make taming that much better and easier.

Must be lucky, as I've now had triplet tek parasaurs, and twin pteras in the last week.

Still find the search for poop a little therapeutic in these strange days. Oh well...........

Re: Cryoworld

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:08 pm
by Flash
Fire up the generator at the hatchery and test the noise levels when you walk away from it. Make sure you are OK with the location at your ranch and the constant noise. I moved mine about 15 foundations horizontally and 10 walls high to make sure I couldn't hear it.

I used metal just for the extra protection. If my generator breaks I risk having a lot of stuff spoil, so it was worth it for me to use the extra resources.

No limit on length of cable that I am aware of. Since my cable run is long, and exposed, I have a second backup generator in my main workshop. It is configured with the "Auto-start if no electricity is detected on the grid" option so if for some reason the primary dies or my exposed cable gets cut, it'll kick on and keep my stuff powered. The noise will let me know if this ever happens so I can investigate why the primary is off.

Also no restriction on load that I can tell, you can hook as many things off one generator as can fit, it uses the same amount of gasoline no matter what is connected.

There are two ways to do the electrical grid. I've got mine embedded in the foundations of the workshop, which means I did a lot of breaking and rebuilding the floors to make sure the grid lined up. The other option is to put the grid up in the air near the ceiling. This is easier to work with and troubleshoot but doesn't look as nice.

If you want to go with an setup that has a backup generator in the house like I do, you'll actually want to build the backup first and build the electrical grid off of it. Then work the wires over toward your primary and eventually connect them up with a flexible cable.

I can help gather up some obsidian and pearls the next time I'm on and will drop them off at your place if you still need them. Also feel free to take whatever is at the tribe base. We can always restock it later.