Minecraft 1.20 server live: SakuraVille!

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Minecraft 1.20 server live: SakuraVille!

Post by Boss Llama » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:08 am

Minecraft 1.20 is live!

The "Trails and Tales" update has dropped, and we've got new content for Minecraft! Archaeology, camels, mobs, plants, additional designs for items, improved smithing and armor customization, and of course... cherry trees! Will you dig into the past to find the ruins and artifacts of lost cultures hidden beneath your feat? What will happen when you assemble a collection of pot sherds? Mock hostile mobs from atop your mighty camel as you explore the petal-laden grounds of the new cherry groves, and find your destiny!

Come join us on our newly updated Minecraft 1.20 server, SakuraVille!

Server IP:
-Boss Llama

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